AC-Care HVAC/R Protective and Energy Saving Coating

AC-Care, a water based protective and energy saving coating has been successfully developed for HVAC/R and other non-ferrous metals. This coating is a ready-to-use, high-performance, cost-effective and suitable to use in the field. The ultra-thin coating can significantly save HVAC/R energy. It also can protect HVAC/R coils, fins, fans, blowers, and even the cabinets very well. Dirt, mold & mildew are hard to build on this gloss coating surface. It saves maintenance cost and equipment life time too. AC-Care coating can be applied to equipment before installation, or in the field by spraying post installation

AC-Care Highlights:

  • High-performance to protect your HVAC/R
  • Good for new or old units
  • Ultra-thin coating, enhance heat transfer
  • Energy saving 15~30% on different units
  • Direct applying by dipping at factory or spraying on site
  • Easy-to-use, no special training needed
  • Ready-to-use, directly applying
  • Water based, no any dangerous chemical solvents
  • Applying at any temperature and humidity
  • No waiting time for curing

Result Comparison

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2 years comparative pictures at El Segundo Beach, Los Angeles

3 years comparative pictures at El Segundo Beach, Los Angeles

6 years comparative pictures at El Segundo Beach, Los Angeles

This revolutionary HVAC/R protective and energy saving coating was developed for the LADWP (Los Angeles Department of Water & Power). It has been in used on LADWP facilities, including LADWP office building at downtown LA and the Scattergood Steam Plant, which is an extremely corrosive environment of salt water, ammonia, steam and heavy pollution from LAX. Compared with the other company's coatings at LADWP Steam Plant on Scattergood beach, the results show this new coating is much better on protection, energy saving, cost and application labor.